About Us

We began fibre farming in 2002 when we moved to Devon and bought our first three Angora goats. With no background in farming, we had no preconceived ideas and set about creating a farm where animal welfare and an obsession with fibre quality go hand in hand.

Lesley runs the farm with part time help from husband Roger who also runs an Agricultural Machinery business. Grown up children help when home from University and busy City lives.

Everything we do is guided by our mission statement:

“It is our privilege to share the lives of our animals and to use their fibres. It is our duty to treat them with respect and kindness at all times.”

For us this is more than a few words on a page - it is a fundamental core belief.  If you are looking for fine yarn from animals that have the best lives we can possibly give them, then read on!

Cashmere goats