The Farm

Our home here is 54 hectares (145 acres) of steep rough ground, good quality pasture and ancient woodland It is a spectacularly beautiful place and many visitors are stunned into silence by the views and the peace of the Iron Mill Valley . For over a thousand years farmers have worked this land, facing exactly the same challenges us we do although our solutions are probably different. Ulric the Saxon farmed it first, under King Edward the Confessor. Today it is our turn.

Iron Mill Valley

We have many wildlife treasures here. Firstly our rich Culm grassland and ancient upland oak woods but then our animal residents. Badgers, red and roe deer, otters, dormice and hares all live here alongside us and our flocks. We have rare butterflies and plants too. Too many to mention in this brief introduction.  Have a look at our Wildlife page for more info.