Our Products


We produce cashmere,and superfine Bowmont Merino wool from our own elite flocks of goats and sheep. Most of this is turned into yarn for knitting or weaving and much is sold to commercial companies who value our exceptional quality for their exclusive products.  What we have varies with the time of year. Since we use our own fibre from our own animals, what we have is all there is uintil the next shearing or combing.


Raw fibres

For the handspinner we have small amounts of our fleeces and fibres for sale. See here for what we have at the moment.


For those with an interest in the animals themselves, we do not sell breeding stock but we do have some partner farmers working with us. Here at Devon Fine Fibres we have the highest possible health status and we are now exporting animals and genetic material to Europe and North America.  Please look at our Animals section for more information.